Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lean Kanban Nordic 2014

Lotta Olsson and I will present Sandvik IT's Kanban journey at the Lean Kanban Nordic 2014 conference in Stockholm (a.k.a. "Stop Starting, Start Finishing" conference). Lotta is currently managing the Operational Excellence Support (OpX) unit within Sandvik IT. The OpX is the 'home' of Kanban, ITIL and other processes and tools designed to improve the IT teams capabilities.

The title of our talk on May the 28th is "Implementing Kanban at Scale at Sandvik IT". We will cover the story depicted in the InfoQ articles, but also how we plan to build on what has been acheived to go further.

Edit: The presentation slides are available on slideshare

Friday, April 25, 2014

An Interview

Being nominated to the Brickell Key Award 2014 has its advantages. One is to travel all the way to San Francisco to attend a ceremony during the Lean Kanban North America Conference. Another is to be interviewed like a rock-start. Here is the result of the interview. Thanks Lean Kanban University and Irina Dzhambazova for the opportunity!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 years of Kanban at Sandvik IT: Sustaining Kanban in the Enterprise

Here comes the second article in the Kanban at Sandvik IT series on InfoQ.
Based on the experience from Sandvik IT, I try to answer the question "How to engineer kanban systems to be sustainable and resilient despite the constant level of changes in today's Enterprise?".

This article is somewhat more complex and deeper than the first one. It is intended to the coaches out there that are working in an Enterprise environment.

Here are some extracts to pique your interest:
  • “In an Enterprise context, perfect is not nearly as good as sticky.”
  • "[a kanban system] should provide clarity not only of purpose, but clarity of opportunities."
  • "In other words - and that is somehow quite depressing - there is always a ceiling to any continuous improvements work."
Find the whole article on InfoQ.

I want to thank again InfoQ's editor extraordinaire Ben Linders for his valuable feedback!

Brickell Key Award Nominee!

Brickell Key Award 2014 FinalistI have just got the amazing news that I am one of the 6 nominees for this year's Brickell Key Award! I am really humbled by the fact that you guys out there voted for me.

The Brickell Key Award has been awarded to people that I look up to in the Kanban community like, among others, David Joyce (2010), Alison Vale (2010), Jim Bensson (2012), Arne Rook (2012) and Yuval Yeret (2013). Being nominated to this award is for me a great honor in itself!

This year the competition is fierce with Håkan Forss (past colleague and my personal favorite) and Klaus Leopold as very strong candidates. It is very interesting to see that we are two nominees from Sweden (well, technically I am French, but I only work in Sweden) as it shows how strong the Kanban community is here.

Being nominated is just the first step, let's get this prize!
You can help: cast your vote on the LKNA 2014 conference site

Huge Thanks!

Monday, February 10, 2014

3 years of Kanban at Sandvik IT: The Story of an Improvement Journey

I have finally found the time to write an article relating Sandvik IT's journey into Kanban-land. The article is now available on InfoQ.

This story has been told several times, with Johan Nordin (check our LKCE11 talk) or alone (check my  LKCE13 talk), but this is the first time that it is available as an article. I hope the format will make it easier to share and learn from.

I would like to tanks Ben Linders for giving me the opportunity to write for InfoQ, and providing me with excellent continuous and frequent feedback along the way.

I look forward to work with Ben on a second article based on my Sandvik IT experience. This new article will detail the experiences that we have learned at Sandvik IT about the Kanban method and change management during these 4 years. So, stay tune if you want to learn more!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Deliver More Value, Earlier

The world is changing!
Powered by the social medias revolution, customers are now in the driving seat. Succeeding in this environment requires you to deliver more value, earlier! More than you can today, and faster than your competitors. How do you do that? It really all comes down to how fast you can generate, absorb and respond to feedback.
In this talk we look at how Lean and Agile way-of-thinking and techniques help you accelerate your feedback loops and create new ones. You identify what is valueable to your customer and deliver it early to them.

The Kanban Kick-start Field Guide v1.1

Here comes version 1.1 of "The Kanban Kick-start Field Guide".

Download it here on Dropbox

The changes in this version are mostly corrections and clarificationsThey reflect the way the Kick-start concept is currently evolving (for the better, of course) within Sandvik IT.
Here are some noteworthy changes:

  • The single biggest change is the renaming of the "Team Lead" into the "Flow Manager" role. This new role brings clarity on how the coaching is done and the dynamic between the team and the coach.
  • There is one new PREP stage "Get a GO/NO GO decision" as well as one new BOOST "Increase Flow".
  • Some of the headings have change name to be more aligned with how they are referred to by the community (thanks Karl Scotland and his "Kanban Thinking" and Mike Burrows and his "Kanban Values").
  • We are now also using Steve Tendon's lead-times definitions. These help a lot to agree about what lead-time is currently of interest.
Don't hesitate to contact us with any feedback you may have on the field guide. As Kent Beck would say "It's not the number of hours I work in a day that measures progress, it's the number of feedback loops I complete!".