Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to this blog!

My name is Christophe Achouiantz, a (french) IT consultant in Sweden.

Here I will blog about my thoughts and experiences in Agile/Lean space. Sure enough there are already plenty of Agile/lean blogs out there, but I think I have some modest contribution to make that may be interesting for some of you.

Here is just a little bit about me:
I have been working in IT in Sweden since 1998. My interest in Agile and Lean started when I was working as development manager in a small startup in 2000. Creating a “carrier-class” enterprise application back then – from scratch and in Java “SE” 1.1 - was really challenging. Being a small startup we had to be flexible and fast, while delivering high-quality, and with a small team (wait! this seems familiar somehow…). What I recall most fondly were actually the mistakes we made and how we copped with them. For instance, I do recall, late one night before release, trying to sleep – exhausted- on the (too short - I am pretty long for a french) sofa at the office, wrapped in the curtains (it can be cold at night in Sweden). In the morning it dawn to me that there has to be a way to make the whole “release” stuff better – at least for me. We eventually came up with this process/framework “thing” with a “prioritized list of functions to implement”, and “regular demos” to the customer, and the “planning how we will implement new functions” meeting, etc. What a surprise it was when I eventually found out about XP and Scrum. It was like an epiphany: someone has just written down, in details, the stuff we were doing – much better mind you. Since then I have been working and consulting as a Scrum Master (about 3 years now).

The focus of this blog will be on how to improve team(s) and organizations. I will share some tools and models that may help other agilist/leanist.

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