Monday, November 4, 2013

Lessons Learned from Coaching 50+ Kanban Teams: The Presentation

Here are the slides from my Session at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2013 (LKCE13).

Edit: The talk went well overall. The first versions took well above one hour, therefore I worked hard to remove stuff that was not directly on the red thread. I was surprised to succeed in delivering the talk in 40 minutes (I had 5 minutes left for questions) and, based on the questions I got afterwards, I realized that I may have left too much out. For instance, I did not talk about how I coach the teams using the improvement Kata.

To be sure to get the whole message across, I will blog on some of the aspects the ideas and aspects in the presentation (especially the qualities a Kanban system should have to be successful on the long run). I may also record a full-length version of the talk when time permit.

The most unexpected question I got was from an elderly gentleman that said that he misunderstood the title of my talk, as he thought it had to do with lessons that I had learned working with people over 50 years old (50+)! Well, that is also an interesting topic, though not quite what I delivered.

Edit: The excellent guys at LKCE13 now made the video available. Check it here directly:

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