Monday, November 25, 2013

The Kanban Kick-start Field Guide v1.1

Here comes version 1.1 of "The Kanban Kick-start Field Guide".

Download it here on Dropbox

The changes in this version are mostly corrections and clarificationsThey reflect the way the Kick-start concept is currently evolving (for the better, of course) within Sandvik IT.
Here are some noteworthy changes:

  • The single biggest change is the renaming of the "Team Lead" into the "Flow Manager" role. This new role brings clarity on how the coaching is done and the dynamic between the team and the coach.
  • There is one new PREP stage "Get a GO/NO GO decision" as well as one new BOOST "Increase Flow".
  • Some of the headings have change name to be more aligned with how they are referred to by the community (thanks Karl Scotland and his "Kanban Thinking" and Mike Burrows and his "Kanban Values").
  • We are now also using Steve Tendon's lead-times definitions. These help a lot to agree about what lead-time is currently of interest.
Don't hesitate to contact us with any feedback you may have on the field guide. As Kent Beck would say "It's not the number of hours I work in a day that measures progress, it's the number of feedback loops I complete!".


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