Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fast Feedback is Back!

The Fast Feedback conference is back this year in Stockholm on the 21-22 of September.

It’s my great pleasure this year to assist Håkan Forss and Mattias Skarin -  two of the most influencial Lean/Agile coaches in Scandinavia - in setting up this year’s conference.

The theme is “Strategy – Turning Insight into Action”.
I think that we’ve succeeded in setting up a very exciting program.

Look at that:
  • Stephen Bungay. I’ve had the privilege to attend some of Stephen keynotes at various conferences and it’s always been entertaining and mind-blowing in equal measure. His work on applying the military concept of “mission command” to business is essential to strategy planning and execution.
  • We then have speakers from a bunch of extremely innovative companies/startups: Simon Marcus (Spotify), Arne Roock (Jimdo), Sami Honkonen (Reaktor) . They will share how these dynamic companies form their strategies and apply them. If you are not familiar with Sami’s excellent podcast “Boss Level” do yourself a favor and check it out right away!
  • We also have the true and tried companies sharing their experience: Lego (Eik Thyrsted & Mattias Skarin), Ericsson (Erik Schön & Jonas Plantin) and Volvo Trucks (Amer Catic).
  • Finally we have a set of speakers that know what it means to take insight into actions outside of the board rooms: Lottie Knutson (with experience in managing a travel agency's reaction to the catastrophic events of the 2004 tsunami in south-east asia) and Marcus Hammarberg (with a very human and emotional journey to save a hospital in Indonesia).

Join us in Stockholm! 

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